Punk is a community where I feel comfortable, safe, and normal. Punk as a subculture seems to define itself in terms of “anti’s”. Anti-mainstream. Anti-capitalism. Anti-class. But for me, punk is also pro many things. Pro-femininity. Pro-gender fluidity. Pro-letting go of all the restrictions required of society outside the walls of a punk basement. For this project, I have focused on the small details of this world that I find most interesting that when combined, capture the essence of what punk means to me. Although we are considered not “normal” in comparison to the rest of society, these spaces is where I feel I can truly feel the most normal. In the basement of a punk show, we are redefining what it means to live as a woman, or as a queer person, or as a trans person, with the hopes of one day getting to live our truest selves in the outside world, too.
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