Adulting (v):
I. Performing tasks that are solely reserved for grown-ups to complete.
II. Fulfilling daily duties that are extremely mundane yet necessary for survival, such as paying the utilities bill or going to the dentist.

Despite its straightforward definition, the word “adulting” seems only to be reserved for use by people who are adult in age yet feel entirely unqualified to complete adult tasks. It’s a word that perfectly sums up this transitional time period as an important yet awkward milestone of life.

This personal photo diary aims to capture the uncertainty, unkemptness, and occasional recklessness that occurs during the gray area after completing undergraduate education and before securing stable career paths. Following the lives of 4 roommates as they settle into a new apartment, new city, and new jobs together, this series focuses on the home space as a microcosm of the millennial experience.
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